EvaZee Wellness

About Me

Hi! My name is Eva ZobianWolf RN, 500-RYT. I am currently pursuing an advanced certification in Yoga Therapy. I have studied Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga and use this training as well as my many years as an ICU nurse to assist clients in their pursuit of health promotion, whether that is in prevention or recovery. I use many areas of yogic practice (neurosomatic movement, meditation, sound bath meditations, and Reiki)  to work with clients that are recovering from an injury, trauma, or surgery for the purpose of  increasing movement, flexibility, and/or strength. 

I have also worked for several years with military clients, both active duty and veterans. Utilizing the many therapeutic aspects of yoga, I’ve been offering my services to folks with addiction recovery, PTSD, and folks that have become disembodied due to many factors in their lives. 

I am an ally to the folks of the LGBTQ+ community and offer my services as a safe space for healing.

My Work

I work privately with clients that are looking to manage chronic illness, stress,  anxiety, or to maintain wellness to prevent illness. 

Our sessions may involve movement, breathing techniques, energy balancing, and mindfulness in any combination or focus specifically on one aspect. 

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