What happens in a session? 

Each session is a deeply personal and unique experience that is all about you learning, witnessing, and exploring the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspect of you. 

In sessions, we focus on becoming adept at listening to our bodies. We discover what is happening now in this moment and focus on how to use that knowledge to let the body guide us in how that particular movement should be expressed in today’s version of our body.  I am simply a guide that offers suggestions but in the end it is your body that decides how and when to move. 

There is so much to gain by learning to listen to our bodies. By slowing  down to tap into the mind body connection, we can become empowered to trust that we know what our body needs because we are constantly involved in the conversation. It can feel awkward at first. As you spend more time engaged in awareness of you, the process of observing becomes so much more refined. 

In our sessions, we will spend a lot of time noticing how your body settles into automatic positioning and then observing what it feels like to soften, engage, and reposition. We work on becoming aware of what is helping us and what is not helping us so that we can make subtle changes and observe how that feels. We focus a lot on breath and how exhales can soften and relax the body. 

Movement and breath are powerful tools for understanding who we are deep inside but also observing how layers of life and experience may be dulling our light. One of the biggest lessons is learning that the pace at which you move through this epic journey is solely up to you. Gaining the strength and confidence to walk your path happens when you show up to you consistently. It is a magical journey of exploration and  self discovery.

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