Why Mind Body Coaching? 

I assist clients in their pursuit of health promotion, whether that is in prevention or recovery. I use many areas of yogic practice (neurosomatic movement, meditation, sound bath meditations, and Reiki) with my clients that are recovering from an injury, trauma, or surgery for the purpose of  increasing movement, flexibility, and/or strength.

The Mind and The Body are connected. If one is out of balance, it creates imbalance in the other. When we combine a targeted approach that focuses on calming the mind and moving the body, we can tap into the body's own natural desire to have balance. 

Services Available

90 minute Consultation -  Included in all packages

Consultations  are a co-creative process where we work together to establish a care plan that provides a framework for the sessions that follow. Breathing and movement patterns are assessed to develop a strategy for helping you to create new patterns that align with your goals. 

Four Pack - Mind Body Package A - $880 

Includes: 4 Individualized sessions (45minutes) + 90 Min Consultation

Book Package A

Eight Pack -  Mind Body Package B - $1440 (20% savings)

Includes: 8  Individualized  Sessions (45 min) + 90 Min Consultation

Book Package B

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